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About DdlSearch
History of DDLSearch

DDlsearch is born from the will to have a search engine to find rapidshare links. There is not enought links indexed on Rapidshare Indexing site and the big advantage of DDLSearch is to find links on all the Web.

Legal warning

DDLSearch is legal. We don't host any illegal content or practice any illegal activity. Despite that there is legal issue you should be aware of: the 1-click file hosting services had been widely used to store files which content is copyrighted or in other ways illegal. If you know or suspect some file has this kind of content do not download it as you might be breaking your country's law.

What's new

- 07/07/07 I added a new multi-engine search form with Google, Yahoo, Msn et Altavista.
- 07/06/07 Lang bug in the search form fixed.
- 19/01/12 Due to an illegal and imperialist action of the FBI on Megaupload, i add a lot of new file hosting sites.

Contact us

You can contact us to this address :

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